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The allblue name is a reference to the Blue Ocean marketing theory based on the"search for new, unexplored strategic spaces" to differentiate them from the Red Ocean, which represents competition on existing markets. In this dynamic, allblue has its heart set on seeking out new and unprecedented solutions to bring its clients into a momentum of constructive development in order to reach the goals set, irrespective of the challenges.

Managed by Amélie Lerosier, allblue draws on the expertise of partners selected for their professionalism, experience, market knowledge and creativity.

When the mission requires it, a specifically adapted team is put together with partner(s) and member(s) of the ecosystem. Our aim is to bring together the expertise that you need in order to deliver the service you require within your deadlines.




Amélie Lerosier has been advising the managers of professional services firms, particularly law firms, for more than 15 years. After starting her career in a publishing group and in a business law firm, Amélie co-managed Eliott & Markus, a leading communications agency in the legal sector for 12 years.

Her experiences in both company management and advisory services have allowed her to encounter a wide variety of situations from which she's learned a great deal. Very attentive to her clients and the world of B2B services, she provides assistance in strategic planning for the implementation of action plans.


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Florence HENRIET

Florence HENRIET

Partner allblue
Organisation - Recruitment
Marketing - Business Development

Author of the law firm management guide and numerous articles on the legal profession, Florence Henriet draws on her expertise of the legal market to provide support in the organisation and management of partnership structures whatever their stage of development.

She works regularly on-site at her clients' offices to train their teams and help them bring about transformation in marketing, business development, recruitment, and internal communication (HR) aspects... She also provides support on issues relative to team cohesion.

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Martin BUSSY

Martin BUSSY

Partner allblue
Business Model - Organisation
Digital Transformation - Training

With 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the digital and digital innovation sectors, Martin Bussy developed a startup, Jarvis Legal, providing specialised software for law firms, after having created a first IT company in 2005.

Through Legal Innovation, he assists privately owned and State-run businesses in digital transformation and innovation. His expertise in law market issues allows him to propose and implement solutions that are tailor-made for each law firm.

At the same time, he commenced his thesis on economy entitled " What is optimum law market organisation bearing in mind the economic value of innovation? ».

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The allblue ecosystem is made up of:

  • A coach advisory specialising in vision, change management, and collective intelligence
  • A law firm specialising in providing support to partnership structures (structure, legal aspects, compensation …)
  • An agency of consultants in influence and media relations
  • Creative specialists (artistic direction, video, photography)
  • Technicians (developers, motion designer)

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